V4.3 installation

Can I get ynh 4.3? It appears one has to install 4.1.8 and upgrade (always with some risks).

I see only 4.1.8. It would be ironic to need a public domain (required by 4.1.8) to do a local domain only installation permitted by 4.3 (“Better support for .local domain names” above).

Hello and welcome!

Your request felt like it needed a deeper investigation, so I created a new thread for you.

Can you tell us, if you are upgrading, what’s your current YunoHost version? What makes you say you would need to install v4.1.8 before v4.3?

You can always reach the webadmin by using the IP address of the server, too. So, no need to use a real public domain for that. But anyways, answer the first questions because you conclusion is a bit non-sensical to me. We need more context. :sweat_smile:

Edit: oooh, it’s because the images are still on 4.1.8, right?
If so, you have two options:

  1. Install v4.1.8 with the ISO. Proceed to postinstallation with the IP address as browser address, you can input your .local domain as main domain but it won’t work yet. Then, still with the IP address, update and upgrade the system. The mDNS service will be installed and started automatically. :crossed_fingers:

  2. Install a generic Debian 10 image (Debain 10, not 11), and use the YunoHost installation script (as described in the “remote server” part of the documentation). Then perform the postinstall with your local domain as main domain.

Enjoy. :wink:

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Thanks. I will try your second suggestion.

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