V11 migration deleted PeerTube ?!

Hello everybody

I’ve just launched the migration to V11 (from V10)…

Machine is a GT110 with xeon CPU, 4go SSD, etc…

aaand the migration just deleted Peertube ?!.. it was in the /var/www folder before the migration and working fine. Now, YNH still know there was a peertube but everything’s gone !

Anyone got any idea how to get it back ? Thanks !

what do you mean gone?
the folder is not exists at all?

yes exactly !! I’ve checked my backup… and it was there before, of course.

i have no idea how did this happen, that’s very strange but what can say,

but what i can say is, that is a reality and you should accept it, that your data gone, and now instead of trying to figure out how did this happen you need to take steps to at least try to fix this situation,

now lets go straight to the point please without wasting more time,

answer these questions so it will be easier for me to build a plan how to restore your files,

  1. what kind of storage do you use?
  •  SSD?
  1. do you have a secondary PC (ONLY) computer you can use?

I got a backup… I use chronopete… and, of course, I made a backup before migrating. Peertube is not the main tool in my YNH but I got several stuff in here too important to take any kind of risks.

My main hard drive, is a 3 TB SSD and I got two 3 TB HD for backup.

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sure, that’s a good news actually you have a backup, so all is fine,

It is paramount to share the logs of the migration.

here they are:

log for the whole migration

and then, the log for the peertube update that happened (or tried to…) during the migration

so ? did the logs show something ?

I’m not very used to decypher logs (=

I’m not sure this has anything to do with the V11 migration … The v11 migration doesn’t trigger any app upgrade, you probably triggered the upgrade yourself…

nope, I don’t think so: when I wanted to upgrade app before the migration, it was refused because it needed the migration… and the backup just before the migration shows the folder there…

Yes, that doesn’t change the fact it’s not the migration itself that “deleted Peertube”.

The log show the migration being run on 2022-12-02 22:47

And the peertube upgrade happened on 2022-12-03 13:58

ok… so maybe there’s a pb with the upgrade after the migration, I don’t say otherwise… anyway, the folder was deleted without any warning and it’s not supposed to work that way, I guess

ok… after a moment, I decided to try again. I’ve took a moment to read the logs and noticed a lot of files were deleted… just like if I deleted the app, except I didn’t and YNH still think there’s a peertube as it asks me to upgrade it.

I’ve opened a backup from one month ago and then copied all the files needed for the backup that happens before any kind of upgrade. I’ve launched the upgrade… and it went well until it stuck on the “Starting a systemd service”… -____-’

any clue ? (:

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