Using IPv6, is it less secure on a server?

My ISP finally supports IPv6 now, is to secure to open the ports to IPv6 also in the router? Does it bring security issues?

hi jwqos,

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Well, it is not more dangerous for your server, because it is build with this concern.
So, for example, there is a firewall in YunoHost.

The main problem with IPv6 is that EVERY OBJECT on your local network will be directly accessible on Internet.

And I have no idea if your PC is safe enough.
And the PC is the « easy » answer, is your printer safe ? Your fridge ? Your hoover ? Your toothbrush ? Your Google home/Alexa/Siri ?

There are TONS of devices in today’s houses, and virtually none of them are made with « I will be available on the Internet » taken into account.

So, for your server, no, no problem to have an IPv6.
For the rest of your devices, this can be risky.

P.S. I activated IPv6 at home, and I know that my printer is the weak point.

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The printer may be the weak point on mine also. Besides that there’s only a few computers all well managed running linux and a few android phones.

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