Users /home directries vanished

Hi while upgrading Nextcloud I noticed warnings sating that the /home folder don’t have user home directories.

 WARNING ln: failed to create symbolic link '/home/user_name/Multimedia': No such file or directory

When I looked into the home folder I only had my folder /home/anmol,,yunohost.conf,yunohost.backup,yunohost.docker which are expected folders. But along with that I have the apps folder too like friendica, gitea,hubzilla__2, opensondage,osada,wallabag2.

These apps folder are the app I have recently installed(about 4 months to few days before). This is strange to me because I have few uses and don’t see there directories in /home folder and the apps home directories which should not be created while installation.

How should I investigate this strange behaviour and what can be issue with users not having the /home directories?

Should I delete these apps directories in /home ?

New apps are making home directories in /home eg. I tried to install ghost package and now I see /home/ghost(scary :wink: ). And all the yunohost users home folder in the /home are not present as mentioned in above post.

Important questions:

  1. Why is this happening? Someone is facing the same issue?
  2. Can this be a threat?
  3. Why the installation of the app creating its home directory in /home when this not the default behaviour?


Anyone have idea about it?