User Interface is not working (now solved)

EDIT This is now solved. The problem was not with my YUNOhost server at all; it was with my browser. I cleared cookies and browsing data and now it is back to normal. I feel a bit stupid but I will leave this post up so that it might help others.

Original post:

YUNOhost version 11.0.11
Bought VPS
Access via SSH and Webadmin

Hi, can anyone help?
I can no longer log in via the User Interface, which is preventing me from accessing applications and posting on my website.
My will load but when an existing username and password are entered the form (or page) just reloads/clears itself and I cannot progress.
Applications which were accessible to visitors (for example my wordpress website and pastebin) are still accessible, however any application requiring login is now not accessible. This includes my wordpress website admin.
I have created a new user via the Webadmin to test if the problem is to do with user login details but the result is the same.
I am still able to send and receive email using Thunderbird on my desktop but I cannot log in to access Rainloop for web mail.
When I first noticed the problem and ran the diagnostics it was saying that several ports were closed. I reloaded the firewall via SSH and now the Webadmin diagnostics are not returning any issues.
Also, since I was last able to successfully access applications from the User Interface I received unusual emails from Cron Daemon to my Admin account:

“Running the automatic diagnosis failed miserably”


“Another YunoHost command is running right now, we are waiting for it to finish before running this one
Still waiting…
Still waiting…
The other command just completed, now starting this command
Uhoh, somehow the lock /var/run/moulinette_yunohost.lock did not exist …”

I have no idea what to make of this or whether it is connected to not being able to log in to the User Interface.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance

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