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I recently did the upgrade to (testing) which has the new GUI and extra functions. Thank you very much to all those in bringing this to us. Excellent.

What I have noticed however is that a new user has been created called “admin_legacy”. I am also receiving about half a dozen undeliverable mails to admin@mydominename. Email is working fine and mail telling me that my own made CRON jobs have completed all come to the right address.

So my question is, can I safely delete this user? This may have already been mentioned but I must have missed it.

Best wishes


I also have this user. I also got an undeliverable email. Watching this thread.

…and everything else is working ok?

I self host my mail, which has been trouble free for 18 months and still is. It’s just this undeliverable pops up every now and then. Curious.


I’ve never had any luck with email. It’s the one thing I can never get working nor trust because it is a mysterious black box. I only use it to get cron job notices to my forwarded email.

cf Yunohost 11.1 spooky testing and Passage en "Testing" suite migration (11.1 testing was mistakenly released as stable during a few hours)

The email issue is known and to be investigated / fixed

@Aleks thanks very much. So we can ignore it for now?


Hmmmwell the part about email being undeliverable is a bit annoying but will ultimately be fixed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

About the legacy admin user, it can safely be deleted once you confirm that you are able to connect on the webadmin and ssh with new members of the admins group

So I deleted the ‘admin_legacy’ account and was NOT able to log back into the webGUI or SSH, I had to use the user (and password) that was used to set up my first domain on installation. This might be obvious but if you delete the legacy user and you try and log in using username ‘admin’ with the password, then you won’t get in, I didn’t.

Be sure that you have the username and password of the domain used to set up your YNH server, which I did and got back in.

Bit scarry!


did you lose any data?


i stopped because of this scary warning. i have lots of data in the admin /home directory like all my cron scripts etc.

I did a full backup before I deleted this ‘admin_legacy’ account.

The only thing that happened, for me, was that I couldn’t login using admin instead I had to use the account that was first created on the first domain created when I first installed YNH. Root still works of course and yes the admin account has gone from the list of users when I ls using CLI. Other than that everything is working just as before. All those non deliverable emails have now stopped!

As I write, a cron job that does a nightly email backup has just happened and completed.

It’s a little scary I know. If you are worried, do a backup of course, or wait for the next upgrade when hopefully this legacy thing might get clarified. This version of YUNOHOST is “testing” so who knows.

Help or harm?


i’ll leave it for a bit. “testing”? I never signed up for testing branch. weird. i just did a regular:

sudo yunohost tools update && sudo yunohost tools upgrade system

Indeed… Probably for the best.

I did the same to upgrade but didn’t see ‘testing’ until the GUI reloaded.

Saying that my server has been up for +36 hours with this upgrade and everything is fine. So far. I’ve tested all the apps, installed a new one, uninstalled an old one, done and test recovered a backup, SSH, and mail all working.

Best of luck


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You may have seen the thread “Yunohost spooky testing” It’s a bit after the fact, but there is a big discussion going on there about the admin user and the fact that you have to use the first created user as admin, etc., etc.

Worth a read through


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