Use Yunosoft without a domain locally, or change from Port 80, or something else?

I’ve spent quite some time searching for some solution but could not find any.

Effectively what I want to do, as an example, is use my apps without the domain. My ISP(Telus) blocks a lot of ports, such as port 80(I know gross) so their is no effective way for me to use the domain, which at my knowledge level is required to access the apps.

I’m not sure why I can’t simply say use 192.168.0.xx/APP like I generally would.

If anyone was wondering, kimai2 is what i’d like to use for a couple employees to be able to log time and we can generate invoices. They will all be locally connected, and going to an ip is entirely fine.

I just keep getting redirected, no port forwarding will work period. I need to strip the domain it forces you to create, or at least make it so it won’t redirect and allow me something as simple as allowing me to go to the actual directory. (I.e. kimai2 is stored in /var/www/kimai2, so I should be able to go to locally, but I keep getting redirected).

I hope this makes sense. Unless there is another way?

Hi there,

here are a few things that should clarify what’s happening :

  • if you hope to install a Lets Encrypt certificate, yes, you need port 80 (otherwise you could use the DNS-based ACME challenge but that’s a completely different story)
  • to access apps and the user portal, you need to access through th domain name. Using the IP won’t work. That’s a bit counter-intuitive but there are many technical justification behind this …
  • if you can’t / don’t want to use a “true” domain, you can use a “fake” one such as “schlebeduk.tld” and add a line in your /etc/hosts to make it point to the right IP. See the last paragraph here : (N.B : this needs to be done on every machine you want to access the server with :s )

On every machine, or by having a DNS on the local network (I am not 100% sure, but pi-hole comes with a DNS server, and entries in the /etc/hosts of the server should be sent to the devices asking for it, but this should be tester, I am not totally sure)