Use Yunohost LDAP from server containers


I would like to use the YH LDAP as a LDAP server for some containerized app. I can perfom ldapsearch from the host machine SSH as expected. But from the shell within a container i can’t reach it
I tried with FQDN, ip, gateway IP, extra host, etc. I tried to add “slapd: ALL : ALL” in hosts.allow (at least to test) but i can’t reach the ldap from any container

Any idea how i could do that ?


Could you please put the output of sudo ss -tulnp | grep slapd ?
In my case, it listen on port 389 only for requests from, but on port 636 from anywhere.

I know nothing about slapd but it can give some hints.

Slapd is configured to only listen to localhost, you need to tweak its configuration to allow other networks.

The file is at /etc/ldap/ldap.conf, edit its URI accordingly (cf. man ldap.conf) and restart slapd service.