Use root domain for Synapse users? | Utiliser le domaine racine pour les utilisateurs de Synapse?

English (La version française est ci-dessous):
After removing and trying to reinstall Synapse, it fails. Now when I set the users to use the root domain, it complains that there’s an app (Nextcloud) installed there and quits. It never had a problem with this before.

Is there a way to install and configure synapse to use domain.tld again?


Française (English version is above):
Après avoir supprimé et essayé de réinstaller Synapse, cela échoue. Maintenant, lorsque je configure les utilisateurs pour utiliser le domaine racine, il se plaint qu’une application (Nextcloud) est installée à cet endroit et quitte. Il n’a jamais eu de problème avec cela auparavant.

Existe-t-il un moyen d’installer et de configurer Synapse pour qu’il utilise à nouveau domain.tld ?

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Do you have nextcloud installed? Where?

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I have Nextcloud installed in the domain root, and synapse in a subdomain.

It worked until I removed and tried to reinstall Synapse. Now, Synapse complains about setting the users to be at the root domain, despite the fact it worked just fine before.

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maybe that will help you to create it like I did with a second sub-domain. The whole thing under two different Messnager riot for on the go also via browser and once under Element.
I hope you succeed

Thanks @carrabelloy . I’m just trying to understand your last post. Did you manage to get it working with the users on your main domain (@user:domain.tld), or did you end up with your users’ Matrix accounts being on a subdomain (@user:sub.domain.tld)?

I’m wondering if it might work if I uninstall Nextcloud on my root domain, reinstall Synapse and then reinstall Nextcloud again? The trouble is, even if this works, I suspect it would break (again) when Synapse is updated.

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