Updating the installation guide


I’d like to contribute and improve the installation guide. I’ve cloned the repo and i’m working in a branch. Is there anything I should be aware of? Any procedure I should follow?

Note: I’ve already read this: Write documentation | Yunohost Documentation

What I’d like to improve:

  • Instructions on how to boot the image using Ventoy if you can’t boot it normally
  • Add a hint in “normal computer” to say that it’s also possible to install debian and install yunohost on top.
  • Add guidance on how to install Debian for Yunohost (which of the many options to choose)


I see many tags like [ui-tab] , {% if regular %} or {% if not virtualbox %}, etc… I’ll do my best to use them appropriately! :grin:

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I updated the English and French installation page and created a pull request: Installation guide patch by narFnarF · Pull Request #2406 · YunoHost/doc · GitHub

(I’m not super familiar with Github and pull-requests in general, so please tell me if I did it properly or if anything could be improved) :heart: