Updating Pixelfed

Pixelfed has released an critical update to patch a security issue.

I’m not sure how long this takes to appear on the Yunohost updates. Is it possible for an someone to simply run the commands to update their install via the Pixelfed Git directly, or will that break the Yunohost config?

Update seems to already be coming:

Excellent. Thanks

The package has the auto-update mechanism.
So the maximum is 24h before a pull request is generated and sent to the Continuous Integration, and if all tests pass, then it’s ready for testing.

Also I’ve subcribed to new releases notifications, so anytime a new version is available, I’m aware :wink:

I still don’t see where that is mentioned in the release notes Release v0.11.10 · pixelfed/pixelfed · GitHub
edit: dansup 🚀: "🚨 Pixelfed admins: please update ASAP to v0.11.11…" - Mastodon

It’s very likely to break. Don’t do that please :slight_smile:


I still don’t see where that is mentioned in the release notes Release v0.11.10

Release v0.11.11 came out earlier today with the critical update

Version 0.11.12 has been out for a few days, with important security fixes

There’s an autoupdater running for Pixelfed already, no need to announce every release! :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks. I thought I was helping. Another version of PF coming today by the looks of it.

I will go check if a mastodon update is in the Yunohost update mix as 2.7 is out with another security fix. Must be challenging keeping up!

As said above, and in other topics, and quite often these days on similar topics for other apps (which starts to be a bit tiring, honestly):

  • we are aware of any new release
  • the package will have a new branch available for testing without 24h after each new release, it’s automated
  • asking for an update (or a quicker one), or simply notifying us of a new release, don’t help progressing in packaging the update, but gives us more work to handle.

If you want to help, you can either test the new release while it’s still not published (Upgrade to v0.11.12 (including a security fix) by yunohost-bot · Pull Request #249 · YunoHost-Apps/pixelfed_ynh · GitHub right now) and report the result (and be aware it’s not guaranteed to work until enough people tried and sent some feedback) ; or you can simply publish an announcement in the forum for the end users (and contributors to the packaging) to tell them that there is a security patch that will come so they are aware that they need to update as soon as it’s available.

Packaging updates depends on volunteers time and energy, and you can be one of them without the need to be tech-savy (feel free to ask for guidance :wink: ).

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