Update synapse to have /_synapse/admin permissions

I have several synapse instances installed in stable version, and which have not yet received the update of this branch GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/synapse_ynh at add-_synapse-perm to have the permissions /_synapse/admin , I would like to know how to give them these permissions? Or how to update them to this branch without data loss?

The following permission is not good :

yunohost tools shell -c "from yunohost.permission import permission_create; permission_create('synapse.admin_api', url='/_synapse', auth_header=False, allowed=['visitors'], label='Server administration API.', show_tile=False, protected=False)"

For she creates a path https://synapse.domain.tld/_matrix/_synapse while what we are looking for is https://synapse.domain.tld/_synapse

I have a server that I installed with the latest test repositories and that works very well with redirection domain.tld/_synapse


but I have a second which I have installed
with old repositories, but that Admin API redirection is
domain.tld/_matrix/_synapse what doesn’t work not.


How to change the redirection of the second
Synapse server, so that it is similar to the first?

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