Update Moulinette

I want to install the VPN client from la brique internet and the requirements state:

Yunohost-Moulinette >= 2.4.0 (firewalling)

When I do yunohost -v I see that I have version

How can I update it to the requirements version?



I tried to replicate your error by upgrading the VPN client app and I get the same prompt.
The application works anyway, but it is indeed pretty strange :smile:

Thanks for you answer @roylockhart

In my case the application does not work. It installs, I can see the icon VPN client, but the URL returns a 404 not found by Nginx. I tried installing it via the web admin. I will try now with CLI.

The installation failed in the CLI.

I am still interested in knowing how to update Moulinette. How is it packaged? What is the latest version?


moulinette is a .deb package, it is updated via apt-get upgrade

Thanks. I have upgraded from wheezy to jessie but I can’t get more recent versions of moulinette.

Then that’s because there’s no newer version in the repo. Actually there is no 2.4.x tag in the git repo of moulinette, so that may be a typo.

Ok thanks. Then this question is answered.

Now my issue is the installation of the VPN client. It probably makes more sense to ask for support on that at the brique mailing list.