Unique instances for each user


I just found Yunohost and I really like it, I was wondering if something like this would be possible:

I have bunch of users in Active Directory also LDAP is set up, so I would like to import users via LDAP to yunohost and then create an unique instance of wordpress for each one.

Is it doable or would you rather suggest something else?


Hmmmm importing / merging an extern LDAP base into YunoHost’s one sounds very tricky to me, except if you are a legendary LDAP wizard ?

You could still easily make a look that create users with yunohost user create using data from your DB though…

After this, yes, you can imagine install several wordpress (it is “multi instance”, you can have several on a single setup), one for each of your user. Same here, you can attempt to automatize this by answering automatically the install question with yunohost app install --args "foo=bar&foo2=bar2"