UnifiedPush: Easiest / best way of setting it up in Yunohost?

So, Unifiedpush is the FOSS system for push notifications so everything isn’t going through Google’s Firebase system or Apple’s push notification system.

It needs a fairly simple app running serverside, and I’m wondering what the best way of doing this is with Yunohost? Ideally I’d like to be able to use Nextpush, the Nextcloud app. The only thing is that this seems to have a number of extra requirements that I’m not sure if Yunohost provides or not. Alternatively, there seems to be quite a lot of momentum behind Ntfy the script you can run on a server to support UnifiedPush. I didn’t see any way of installing it based on Yunohost though, like a ntfy_ynh app. I don’t want Yunohost to upgrade and suddenly have my ntfy script wiped, or anything like that.

So, any ideas of how we might reliably be able to run UnifiedPush with Yunohost?

I originally had problems with Nextpush actually sending notifications, but since upgrading to Nextcloud 25 on my RPI, it seems to be working on my Tusky app.

Oh, interesting! I just upgraded to 25.0.2 on Yunohost myself, so maybe I’ll give that a try. That would be so cool if just installing Nextpush (and configuring everything) did the job!

Uh… yeah… I didn’t see anything like the app… that you just posted a link to! facepalm

Thanks @tituspijean !

Also: I’ve since learned that apparently Yunohost with Nextcloud 25+ and the UnifiedPush Nextcloud app apparently works. I just set that up, and it works! It was remarkably easy compared to last time I tried. I just installed the Nextcloud UnifiedPush app. I installed Nextcloud Push on my Android phone. When I opened Fedilab on my phone I chose the “Nextpush” option it gave me. Element figured it out by itself. Now I have push notifications from my own server! <3 <3 <3!

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