Understand the Apps page on the website

When I’m reading the webpage about official apps on the website

I’m not sure to understand 100% (sry for being retarded, for sure :p)

The red colour indicate a non-working app ?
And a green button is a working app without bug(s) ? So I can safely install green ones ?!

Thx !

Basically, yes :wink:

Yes, indeed. But be careful, see the level too (the little number near the status) because some app works but can have many bugs.
Level 3 is not the same as level 7… however there is a green button in the two cases.
Level 3 : you have normally a good installation and the upgrade.
Level 7 : Installation, Upgrade, Backup, Restore, Good integration, perhaps LDAP.
See : https://yunohost.org/#/packaging_apps_levels (french)

The status (Validated, Working, InProgress or NotWorking) is important too : Validated is for official Webapp (maintained by the Yunohost App Group) and the others are for the apps from the community set the state of the apps.

I hope it will help you :wink: ,


Thx for this useful answer!

It can be nice to find informations from your message, at the top (or bottom) of the apps webpage to inform people how to read all those informations embedded within app square :wink:

People will understand easily what are currently bugged apps and can prevent installing them.