Unable to remove my app anymore


I was working on my app, everything was going fine, but at some point, I did something that Yunohost did not like, and I can’t remove my app anymore :

$ sudo yunohost app remove mlmmj
Info : Suppression de mlmmj...
Info : L'opération 'Enlever l'application 'mlmmj'' a échoué ! Pour obtenir de l'aide, merci de partager le journal de l'opération en utilisant la commande 'yunohost log share 20240126-010442-app_remove-mlmmj'
Erreur : This app is likely pretty old and uses deprecated / outdated helpers that can't be migrated easily. It can't be installed anymore.

Here are the logs

My package is here, I’m not sure to understand which part is outdated, and in which script (install? remove? another one?)

This error is driving me insane, I’ve litterally commented out each and every line of the packages scripts and as much as possible from manifest, to understand which line is generating this error, and still it says I use outdated helpers.

OK I guess I’m too stupid for this.

Sounds like it doesn’t like the domain=$1 stuff in the install script, cf https://github.com/YunoHost/yunohost/blob/dev/src/utils/legacy.py#L280

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Indeed, even though it was a local variable named list_domain the presence of the character sequence domain=$1 within a larger, unrelated, and commented-out string led to this error.