Unable to login after installation

Version of Yuno : the current version
I installed a fresh Yuno and when done got to the console login, I am unable to login to console to find out IP
to goto the gui admin console, no login name or password was shown during the install

can anyone assist

  1. how did you install it at home on a computer, VM, raspbery pi, windows WSL, or VPS Online?
  2. did you first use curl https://install.yunohost.org | bash or ISO?
  3. after install did you run yunohost tools postinstall and did it ask for a Domain, User, Password?
  • if so use the domain and enter admin then the password or user you made and then the password, also sometimes the admin password is the root password.
  1. if you made it on a VPS use root then password or VPS using ssh client first login as admin, then su username.

if its a VPS please reboot the VPS then open a console window and watch for an IP Address or look at the ip address the VPS gives you go to address bar enter it there.

if its at home in stead of a console just look at the console on the monitor for a large YunoHost Logo and look for IP at the top above SSH keys.

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