Unable to install app - error message - No passwd entry for user 'admin'

Hi all
I have successfully installed yunohost on a Raspbian running on RPI2 and can access the admin panel. however when trying to install an app, i get an error No passwd entry for user ‘admin’
any idea?
Thanks in advance

In your rpi terminal, type “sudo passwd admin” and define one.

Hi scith
i did try that and there no user called “admin” so I created one and defined the password. It works and I can install apps.
question is, is it by design? So does anyone that uses the script to install in raspberry pi will have this same problem?

It’s better to use the official Rapsberry image. If you install by script you might encounter these issues yes (there is another topic dedicated to Raspberry issues before the official image was released, you can check it out).


I was hit by this on amd686 platform, using the install script (there is no iso image available currently). Seems to me that someone has hardcoded “admin” in somewhere, and it needs to be changed…