Unable to connect to server outside local network

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Old laptop or computer
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server: Through webadmin.

Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance?: no

Description of my issue

Hi, For no reason that I can understand this afternoon I was no longer able to connect to my yunohost server from outside my local network (nextcloud, webdav, xmpp server etc).

I am able to connect to the internet from that machine and visit my nextcloud instance but when using any other computer I can’t.

If I am entering my web address on the yunohost server/computer itself is it connecting directly (LAN) or through the wider internet? I have a Yunohost subdomain, not sure if this is important.


it’s possible your ISP has splitted ports range of your IP between several person.

They give you the bad port range. Some ISP let you ask for “full stack ip”.

If you have IPv6 you should be able to contact your server with it

looks like my problem is internal not my ISP or Yunohost.

As a trouble shooting step I disconnected from my wireless extender that I was using and connected an ethernet cable directly from my router and mysteriously the ports where available and on-line … so weird. I can still connect to the internet using the extender but some how external connections can’t make it through.

thanks for your thoughts, I’ll need to investigate this. Maybe my extender is malfunctioning:(

As it turns out this isn’t my problem. I thought my issue was wireless but now it seems as thought using the port checker https://ports.yunohost.org
still indicates ALL ports are inaccessible.


I checked the yunohost admin firewall panel and all are open

Also all router ports are open, and were functioning prior to this support post

Would it make any difference it I re-installed and migrated my yunohost and apps to it?

should I be able to connect directly to my public ip in the yunohost admin:

…yunohost/admin/#/tools/monitor - Network tab , public IP ?

Is it possible that my Yunohost instance is being affected by Let’s Encrypt Certificate issue?

Let’s Encrypt discovers CAA bug, must revoke customer certificates

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