Unable to connect to all apps

Greetings. I just successfully installed yunohost on a raspeberry pi. I was able to get it up and running, except for the XXPS metronome, wich it says it has falied, and I am now trying to use some apps.

I can use the administrator plataform. The only issue I have is that I cannot use my ip adress, since it says it is a connection to a router. It says “welcome to the instalation interface of the broadband router”. It asks for a username and password I don’t have. So, i can access the admin interface unsing an ip like 168.XXX.X.XX All the numbers are the same than my IP, except for the two last ones. I think this may be the root of my problem.

I updated the client, and installed some apps, roundcube and owncloud, but, when I tried to access them (through the link they give xxx.nohost.me/roundcube, for example), the browser gives me a screen saying “threre was a problem loading the webpage”. Then it says the connection wasn’t established since there was a problem connecting to the server.

Can someone help me? Thank you.


If you want to acces locally, you should edit the host file

%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\ (windows)

And add :

192.168.1.XX domain.tld

May be this can help.