Un-set domain name?

Is there a way to not set a domain name? I wanna just use the local ip since I’m using a vpn. I’d be find having a domain name but when I try to use the user interface it goes to the domain and errors out since it’s not properly set up.

No … but you can use any fictional (like yolo.test) or non-fictional (like google.com) domain name you like. Then you can make it act as if the domain was real and properly configured by tweaking your /etc/hosts file on your desktop/laptop machine such that the domain points to the right IP. For instance I have lines like this in my /etc/hosts for the dev machines I have :    yolo.test

Yea I’ve added a fake but it’s not ideal as I can’t use the nextcloud app on android since I’ve not rooted my device so can’t change hosts. I tried sslip.io and xip.io to no avail. Is it hard baked to not support a direct ip for a domain or would it be a simple change?

Yeah it’s kind of hard to change and it’s related to the auth mechanism of the SSO (user portal) etc…

But I don’t really understand the initial motivation about not using a real domain name then :confused:

You could add the domain “yunohost.local” .

It’s a special domain used with bonjour protocol, so if you are on your local network your smartphone should be able to contact your server.

Other solutions:

  • plug a wifi antenna on you server and use hotspot_ynh
  • use pihole_ynh and configure your router to use pihole as DNS server (the router will send via dhcp the pihole dns server)
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Ah so basically I don’t want to open my server up to the internet since it’s just me using it. I currently don’t have an external ip that works so that’s also why.

Well then, as suggested by ljf, using yunohost.local should do the trick (there should be some magic happening thanks to avahi-daemon to make this domain resolvable on the local network so your smartphone should understand it)

yunohost.local does the trick on my pc but not my phone. I managed to find an app that uses vpn profiles to allow me to assign yunohost.local to an ip in android.

You are using a VPN on your yunohost server or on your android ?

I was using a vpn to go from my android phone to my server’s network but it wasn’t cooperating so I’m back to trying to publish my server onto the internet.

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