[Ulogger] A real-time collection of geolocation data, tracks viewing and management

Here is an app for sports lovers. μlogger.
YunoHost app link: GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/ulogger_ynh: μlogger package for YunoHost

What is μlogger?
This is a web application for real-time collection of geolocation data, tracks viewing and management. Together with a dedicated μlogger mobile client it may be used as a complete self hosted server–client solution for logging and monitoring users’ geolocation. Live demo

Android app for the μlogger:

F-Droid link for Android app:

For the packaging related issues and feedback:


o my god, i need this !!!

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Yes if the GPX location are tracked then you can export it in the Ulogger.

A great application to follow / to spy your wife …or what else… :slight_smile:

Ulogger has been updated to version 0.5

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μlogger seems excellent to me, great job!

I’m new to geolocation apps, could you comment on my thoughts, please?
I’ve read here that GPS signal can be weak because of trees, and I’m currently living in wooden locality, so I guess I need so-called A-GPS (GPS assisted by Wi-Fi and cellular signal). Does μlogger provide A-GPS, if my device is capable of receiving this signal? If not, are you planning to implement this feature?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Hey kaatun,

it would be best to ask your question at the responsible project itself (https://github.com/bfabiszewski/ulogger-android) as they can provide you a guaranteed answer. However I believe this yunohost project is no longer maintained - which is a shame.

I will try to answer your question anyway:
Whether your device is supporting and using A-GPS should not matter for the logging appliance. If you are using a mobile device using Android with Google Services the GPS service is handled by Google Services. If you are using Android without Google Services the OS provider has to provide you the GPS features. Similar features are provided by Apple for their devices.
With this architecture your system can fully utilize the capabilities of your devices hardware (e.g. using GPS, GLONASS, Galileo simultaneously, A-GPS) and combine this data to a highly optimized “GPS” location. This data is transferred to the ulogger online service.

If ulogger provides its own GPS “location” implementation (not so easy to implement in a good way … but is HAS the benefit of being independent of the OS services) it is very likely that they are supporting A-GPS as this usually works via the mobile network. Their homepage states they support “network based location” as well.

Just installed the app and i cannot login…

I know it is not maintained but i was wondering if anyone had any tip or solution ?

essaye peut être ca

Not sure this is an acceptable answer, but if uLogger is not maintained anymore, you can try PhoneTrack (app available in NextCloud).
(It seems not really active, but the main dev have been recruited by NextCloud so I think it is safe)
((and it is compatible with the uLogger phone app, and many others))

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Phonetrack looks nice but configuring the android client fails with every attempt…
I’ll stick to the manual upload and ayvri import of the ulogger files (btw if anyone knows an opensource ayvri alternative, that’d be great !)

I will check the Ulogger package this weekend. Please don’t blame me for not updating the package on time. I have few of the Yunohost packages to maintain. And personally, I don’t use all of them.
I don’t have any way to know which of the package is more popular than other.

Oh i was not blaming anyone !
By the way many thanks to you for checking on this particular package, that’s great :pray:

Ok i found what was wrong ! I did not complete the steps concerning the setup.php script.
It does actually work now and all is great.

I saw that you can add other map sources, is there any chance that a 3d world map would be implemented at some point ?