Udoo X86 Lubuntu Install Error

Hi all,

I have used RasPi Yunohost of a long time. However I have bought a Udoo x86 and installed Lubuntu Jessie. However yunohost still has an error during installation, saying it requires debian jessie to be installed but Lubuntu is based on debian jessie, so I am unsure of this issue.

Does anyone know how to overcome this issue.

KInd Regards


Well, your question is legitimate :wink: If Lubuntu is based on Debian, so why can’t YunoHost be installed on top of it ? The answer is that Lubuntu (and any Debian-based distro) already tweaks Debian its own way, which means that if you installed YunoHost on top of it, it would probably not work because the system won’t be in the state that YunoHost expects.

(For the same reason, you cannot for instance install Lubuntu on top of YunoHost)

So basically, the easiest thing to do would be to reinstall a clean Debian and install YunoHost on top of it. (Or you can use the pre-installed Raspberry Pi images)

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Thank you for you suggestion, I have been trying this without success for many weeks due to many IO errors on straight debian linux.

I am trying to do this on a Udoo X86 which is Intel based. I want to run yunohost and a trading platform which is too resource intensive for a RPi-

It appears using Yunohost at present is not an option which is a pity as I really like this community and the clean, sleek yunohost interface.