Two Yunohost servers at home behind same VPN

Hi, I know there are several topics about having two Yunohost at home but I’m struggling (and failing) to make my two Yunohost servers work along as I would like them to.

I have a first Yunohost (A) server at home. It’s connected to the Internet through a VPN thanks to the VPN client application. It has a domain.tld registered and my DNS record is configured so that every subdomain is linked to the IP of my VPN. This way, I don’t need to touch my DNS records when I add a subdomain to my Yunohost server. This server works fine.

I have a second Yunohost (B) server. I would like it to be accessible at sub.domain.tld through the same VPN as the main server. To achieve that I:

  • added sub.domain.tld in the list of the domains handled by A and generated a Let’s Encrypt certificate
  • added sub.domain.tld as the default domain of B
  • installed the Redirect application on A so that sub.domain.tld redirects to the local IP of B (I choose Proxy, invisible, anyone can access it).

Firefox says the redirection is not correct and refuses to load the home page of B when I try to access sub.domain.tld

I also tried with an other domain on B ( when I want to access sub.domain.tld, the redirection works but then appears and Firefox is unhappy because the certificate is unvalid (and I can’t make a Let’s Encrypt certificate for

How can I solve my problem?

Thanks in advance.

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