Two domains on one instance


I want to run two apps on my yunohost instance. The install went fine and I have galene video running on my dns.

I want to install airsonic for music but the install won’t allow me to install a subdomain. Is there any way to create another dns or subdomain to run airsonic?


What do you mean “it won’t allow you”

Can’t you go in Domains > Add, and add a domain ?

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Sounds like they haven’t made the domain before attempting to create the domain? or are trying to install an app to a path on a domain

sudo yunohost domain add

then run diagnosis before making a cert

sudo yunohost diagnosis run
sudo yunohost domain cert-install

then install your app on that domain

Thanks. I created a new domain through the command line following the instructions. I cannot install a letsencrypt cert at the moment.

My server would not allow me to install a new domain using the GUI. It gave me a dynDNS errors. The command line solved this problem.

Any ideas on why the letsencrypt will not install?

No idea, but not a major issue for your server if the command line worked.

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