Tuto - How to create a testing branch, when you have existing commits in master?

Hi there,

as suggested by @Maniack_Crudelishaving a testing branch makes it easier to know what is work in progress from what is released. I’m maintaining the Weblate application and have to fix the current release (1.17) work before being able to submits the new release (1.18) for testing.

I assume all your current changes are commited, if not, please commit before running the following steps.

First, let’s create the testing branch:

git branch testing

Then, push your testing branch to github:

git push origin testing

If you go in github, you should see your new branch, and it will tell something like this branch is even with master. This is good.

Then, have a loot at https://github.com/YunoHost/apps/blob/master/community.json to see what’s the last commit sent to the end-user. For weblate, it was 58c98267fa4c3ea5c1ff8fd4c63655a3230a2134

git reset --hard 58c98267fa4c3ea5c1ff8fd4c63655a3230a2134

The last step is to push this change to your github account:

git push --force

Have a nice day :slight_smile: