TTRSS stopped working on Android Phone

I’m running fully updated and migrated YNH. Sometime recently, not sure when, ttrss stopped working on my phone. Desktop version works fine, but I can’t access my site on my phone anymore. This is the error:

I found this … but it does not make any sense to me. Error: Use JsonReader.setLenient(true) to accept malformed JSON at line 1 column 1 path $ – Ready Android

Any help would be appreciated.


I had trouble with ttrss on my android phone last week, don’t know if it’s related.

My problem was : app crashed when I clicked on a article.

It was solved by an recent update of the app.

Which version do you use ? (mine is now 1.296)

I have 1.296 as well.

arf, then I don’t know sorry :confused:

Have you try to look for help on ?

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