Tryton ERP on ynh?

Hello, i now there are some scripts to put docker containers into YNH ( I dont know if placing this containers work, is there any easier approach ?

This really looks like not easy to do, why don’t you use the package from debian? What’s the use-case?

why don’t you use the package from debian?

if you mean this Debian -- Error that’s the remove client not the server

all the LDAP integration with YNH + nextcloud with online sheets look awesome in my eyes

well, I don’t understand the use case, hopefully someone else will help you :confused:

let me try again

1 a invoice come into mail box
2 the invoice get scanned into PDF
3 user log in the YNH server
4 the PDF get uploaded into nextcloud for backup
5 the invoice data is placed into tryton ERP and the PDF can be attached to there or a link placed in a note
6 the data from that invoice or tryton can be easily manipulated in Collabora Online

yes you can have this instaled outside YNH but would be
1 one more login to open tryton session
2 if a PDF is uploaded into tryton for reference then need to be reupload into nextcloud for backup or easy share
3 another manual config for nginx
4 another manual config for the firewall

this really sounds like professionnal use case, you should probably try to reach one of the application packagers for paid work. I assume some of them may consider the request.

Packagers will most likely spend personnal time for projects they daily use. Well, that’s what I do. i let this link in here for any other lurker since it can be nice for nextcloud