Trying to donate? Money to give!

So I have been using YNH for about 6 weeks and I have a nice little system set-up, 6 domains, hosting email, Nextcloud, everything I need. Brilliant.

It all works very very well. Very happy.

It’s about time I made a donation to show my appreciation for the great work and with that in mind, I headed for the donation page. Sadly that doesn’t work as well as the software that I want to contribute to. Someone will say it does, but it doesn’t. No way…

I thought that I’d start off lightly with a small on-off donation just to see how it works, that was over a week ago and it is still showing pending in my bank?! Did it arrive? yes? no?
No worries I thought, let’s try LiberPay and so I set up my card to do a weekly/monthly pledge. My details, including my card, were accepted, that was 4 days ago and since then a message has been showing on my account as follows:

Cannot be renewed because the account of the recipient isn’t ready to receive new payments.

What is the best way; sorry simplest way to make a donation to the project? I could do a bank transfer but that will probably attract fees on both sides?

I’m guessing this is in the wrong section I’m posting in but there you go. To my mind, it is a support issue.

Have a great weekend


Hi @deljones, thanks for reaching out and for your pledge to support financially yunohost.

I’m not on the team handling that part of the project, but I didn’t want to leave your post unanswered.

Are you talking about when you say it doesn’t work ?

As for liberapay, as a user myself, I confess that it sometimes doesn’t work very well (I believe the banking system it’s very helpfull for these types of initiatives). Sometimes eventually the money goes through and it ends up working, but I think it varies of where you are paying from etc.

Seeing the income history, it seems to be working for some people at least.

Maybe reach out to liberapay support ?

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Hmmyeah sorry about it we still need to dig deeper into the Liberapay situation …

We’re also reworking our donation form which is old and broken (because of the new mandatory SCA stuff … whatever)

To prove that it’s ongoing, checkout ljf working until 5am this morning on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Aleks no worries…

I can hold for a while until it settles down…


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