Transwhat not working

Hi there,

I tried to use Transwhat but metronome is unable to load it, here is the corresponding log

transwhat.domain.tld:component|warn|Component not connected, bouncing error for:

s2sout226fc68|info|Out of connection options, can’t connect to|

s2sout226fc68|info|sending error replies for 1 queued stanzas because of failed outgoing connection to|

Does someone manage to use it?


Actually this app is not working, so it’s normal that you could have some problems. I had abandoned this app because whatsapp blocked all user witch use an other client than the official. But actually a don’t know the whatsapp policiy about that. If it had changed I wight work on it to set it working but it’s not warranted.

Ok thanks,
I didn’t see the notworking status of the application.
I’m quite sure whatsap would not stop blocking unless there is a lawsuit about it.
I will orientate towards converting people to Riot :wink:

Bridging should be possible using

I’m trying to have it working on my yunohost based on the synaps app

It should be packaged as an app or added as an option to synapse_ynh