Transmission without icon "files completed"

there are no more icons for the complete files for the web application Transmission.
Is this an oversight, a new feature?

I looked at the installation or update file of the application. The script does indicate the creation of a directory and an icon on the web application.

Am I the only one in this case following the upgrade of the Yuno version? I will notify this on Github if necessary



You’re not alone :wink: Same problem here…

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So I checked the installation and dist-upgrade scripts. It’s ok. In the end I forced a new update of the application. It worked.

sudo yunohost app upgrade transmission --force

J’ai revérifié les scripts d’installation et mise à jour. Le script est bon. Au final j’ai forcé une nouvelle mise à jour de l’application. C’est bon cela fonctionne

sudo yunohost app upgrade transmission --force

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