Transmission max upload size


I can’t add a 10,5 GB torrent on Transmission, seems to exceed a limit:

I don’t know what files I could edit to change that limit. I’ve looked here, but didn’t find any line making sense to edit:

$ /etc/nginx/conf.d/

Should I add a line in this file?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @isidoreisou,

I do not know transmission very well, but I think that you can upload only “.torrent” file. These files are usually small (less than 1 MB).

Are you sure that you are using transmission correctly ?

Hello @ant0ine,

Maybe I was not very clear, but I am uploading a .torrent file (855KB), in order to download a 10GB file.

did you had a look at his url
it may be a “cookie” issue

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Thanks @ant0ine but didn’t solve it.


Could you have a look in the log file of nginx please? It should be here:


Taken from

Have you tried to add the torrent on a software on your computer? Do you mind sharing the torrent here or in private so I could try to reproduce the issue on my side?

Maybe the transmission temp directory is full or too small to store such data?
Could you please connect in SSH to your yunohost server and paste the result of df -h

Thanks for your help @Gofannon

I think I’ve found the line when error occurs:

The torrent can be load locally on my computer on a torrent app without any problem.
It’s from a private tracker so I can’t share this torrent, sorry !
But I think every 10GB+ torrent will reproduce the problem.

Thanks for your help @Benance

I have lot of space on my 2TB hdd on my VPN so I don’t think it’s a problem:

Sorry I spoke to quickly. I’ve just try to upload a 30GB .torrent and it worked. So maybe there is a problem with the .torrent file I’m working with.

yes you have a lot of space on /home, but if transmission temp directory is not located under /home, you don’t have so much space…
Maybe the transmission temp directory is located on /tmp, or something like that. In this case, you don’t have enough place to store a 10g file (7.4g available).

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Yes that’s right, for what I see the directory is located in /home/yunohost.transmission/progress so it should be fine.

As I remember the default directory for transmission temp files is located on /var/lib/transmision-daemon/tmp

I thought the progress directory was the same as the temp you mentioned.
Anyway since I’ve tried to upload a 30GB file from a public source and it worked, there is an other problem here, probably linked to the private tracker i’m using.


I always had this problem since I use Transmission on YNH (~3 years). Every torrent file above 900KB or so can’t be uploaded using the upload button in Transmission. I always use SFTP and the watched folder when I have to do it.

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Thanks @thomas, I did not realize that the problem was coming from the .torrent file size.

You’re welcome but that still doesn’t solve why is there this problem and where we can allow bigger torrent files :grin:

I solved the problem for my setup:
Edit /etc/nginx/conf.d/

In location /torrent/transmission {
add the following line:
client_max_body_size 8M;

I put 8M because that covers most of the cases for me but you can use a bigger setting.

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