Train spam filter

Hello all,
I think as many other users of Yunohost I have a lot of spam in my inbox, so I wonder if there is any way to improve this by marking stuff as SPAM or junk or moving it to some folder?

I looked at this post, but it wouldn’t help me to decrease this number, some of the mails in there with a score of ~8 are mails from automated processes that I actually want. Also these mails are coming from my Yunohost to the Yunohost and should probably not even have such a high score.

Spam from UBER has a negative score.

So the goal is to reduce SPAM and junk emails in an inbox.

I have to confess I have many email addresses setup in my account and I know this increases the number of spam emails, but still some are so obviously spam that I don’t know how these skipped the spam marking.

I also wonder if it would be good to add the score to the header, it is not added now, right?

Hi utzer,

That is good to know! I just migrated my last mailboxes to Yunohost, the largest has >300 aliases exactly to prevent spam (so far with success). Do you have some background about decreasing the efficiency of the spam filter with more addresses?

So far I ‘unfortunately’ do not have spam problems, causing me to have no experience that might help you :frowning:

Unfortunately I have no idea, but I know from some other email providers that they actually train spam filters based on manually marked as spam or not spam, so I was wondering if there is something like that.

I think I will disable some of my handles, but it is kind of an annoying work to go through the spam mail headers to find out which mail was sent to which email address.

So I can’t help either.

I think email is not a common use case for Yunohost, many run into problems that their mails are flagged as spam at the receivers end and I guess then stop using their own server for mail.