Track upstream version?!?

It seems there is no automatism that check if the package version is not in sync with the upstream version, isn’t it?

The packages check or the CI can do this, isn’t it?

e.g.: If we add in the manifest.json the upstream URL, like: the we can compare the manifest version with the last tagged version.

I come to this, because of: No updated to upstream version! · Issue #10 · YunoHost-Apps/psitransfer_ynh · GitHub

Have you heard about our lord and savior Auto-Updater? (in example app, and in production with its yml file, and proposed Pythonic version)

It can be an in-house service yes. Right now we use Github Actions.

I think this is planned with the packaging v3.

Nice catch, feel free to propose a fix.

PS: I may be a snowflake, I always assume you are angry with your “?!?”.

Ah, nice. I inserted the idea in my tests:

But the “Auto Updater” seems not to be a solution in my case.