[Traccar] GPS tracking

Traccar for YunoHost

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Traccar is an open source GPS tracking system. This repository contains Java-based back-end service. It supports more than 200 GPS protocols and more than 2000 models of GPS tracking devices.


  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Detailed and summary reports
  • Geofencing functionality
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Account and device management
  • Email and SMS support

Shipped version: 5.9~ynh1

Demo: Demo Servers - Traccar


Screenshot of Traccar

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Hi ericg,

Thanks for the (yet another!) new app!

Traccar lists Osmand as a supported client. I have now-and-again been looking how I could use the online tracking feature of the trip recording pluging for OsmAnd~ , and postponed installing a server every time.

Traccar seems to make that easier.

Do you have a suggestion on how to make the recorded traces available in Nextcloud (with GpxPod), preferably by using the same directory for each? I expect file ownership/permissions to interfere.