Tool or command to see what ports are already in use

I’m going to try to install Libretime or Airtime and both of them require some ports. Is there a tool or command that I can use to see if those ports are already in use?
Can a port be used for more than 1 app at a time?

I don’t think so

From what I understand, you might want to run something like : netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN which lists what programs is listening on which port

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Ok I’ll give that a try.

No. Only one program can open a socket on one port on one IP address at one time. But you can create an IP alias on a network card - a machine can have more than one IP address, even on the same card. Then each program could listen to broadcasts on the same port on the same LAN, but on different addresses

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Well crap. Netstat isnt installed but I found out about lsof
The app says to install it in the home directory. Would that be /home or the directory I get logged into when I ssh into my Yunohost?
Cause it says permision denied in /home. Do I need to chmod /home?

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