Too many pending emails in mail queue


I use Yunohost for website hosting and a few apps. My emails are managed outside my VPS.

When I run a Diagnosis, I get the following:

Too many pending emails in mail queue (496 emails)

I believe these are automated e.g. status of the daily backup

Simple questions (I think):

  1. Where are these emails located so I can deleted them via SSH

  2. How can I prevent them from being sent or can I configure them to actually be sent?

Thank you


This should help you if you want to delete them. As for configuring your emails to be actually sent, there is an entry in the doc for that : YunoHost • index

Thank you. That’s exactly what I needed.

I ran


To check the emails were automated notifications

postsuper -d ALL

To delete all the emails in the queue.

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