Tmp directory of backup



I have some big directory in yunohost.backup/tmp.
I am wondering if it’s safe to delete them ?



J’ai des gros repertoires dans yunohost.backup/tmp. Je voudrais savoir si il est ok de les supprimer.


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Don’t delete it for now.
We need to check if it’s a hardlink to your production data…

Surtout pour l’instant ne le supprime pas !
Il faut vérifier si c’est un lien en dur vers les données en prod.

Ok thanks.

Any idea how I can check that ?
If it’s hard-linked to production data that means it’s not really taking any space ?

You could read this old bug:

I think your tmp folder contain mounting bind in read only mode. So you should not be able to delete it. May be you can try on a small unimportant file inside it ?

The bug was classified like a “resolved”.

You can check that your server is not doing a backup by running
ps aux | grep yunohost

I tried and indeed some files (but not all) are on read only mode so I can’t delete them.

I think this happened when I messed up a backup.

Is there anyway to clean this ?

Thanks for the help