Time4VPS has Yunohost image for there VPS


Time4VPS has created Yunohost image so that Yunohost could be installed on there VPS on a single click like you install any other Linux OS.

Its a great way to use Yunohost for people who find difficulty to install Yunohost from command-line.

The detail article on how to install Yunohost on Time4VPS VPS is here: https://community.time4vps.com/discussion/453/yunohost-getting-started-with-yunohost#latest

Thanks for TIme4VPS team for there initiative to provide Yunohost as self-hosting solution for there VPS.


should we get those providers (along with New VPS Offer) somewhere on the official project documentation ?

https://yunohost.org/#/install_on_vps_en could be a good candidate :slight_smile:

Yes I was wondering about that too … We already have a small info box to promote associate ISP on the yunohost.org/install page … Naively I would add another box with a links to those providers maybe (in the long term we can have a dedicated page listing those if we have more than 2 or 3)

Sounds good to me ! Even if YH project does not endorse those providers explicitely, it’s a nice info to provide to future users. The wording of this box must be carefully chosen ^^