TiddlyWiki - Prevent modification from visitors

Hi everyone !

I would like to use TiddlyWiki as a public blog, that can be read by visitors, but only a user could save changes they make. Exactly like https://tiddlywiki.com/

Right now, anyone accessing it from anywhere can modify it.

Thank you for your time and attention <3

Hey there,

Also new here, just tried TiddlyWiki yesterday, for the same use case.

For read only you have rough workarounds described here: http://tw5readonly.tiddlyspot.com/

But I get the feeling because it was designed to be a personal note book, these methods might not be 100% secure to protect your wiki from tampering, accidental editing or vandalism.

It’s a rough workaround, in particular if you want to keep the ability to edit it yourself.


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Thanks for the link !

But this is just a UI trick, if I understand correctly, this can be worked around quite easily by any malicious person.

And to me it seems clearly doable since many websites build with TiddlyWiki manage this, like https://tiddlywiki.com/ I cited previously. I like this implementation very much, and am very curious about how do get this.

Thanks anyway, I heard about your solution but didn’t find such a simple explanation !

There is the possibility to add an admin and a password in the TiddlyWiki service: tiddlywiki_ynh/systemd.service at 32e2addbd8bfa9463871ca68a95007ba42b4eb96 · YunoHost-Apps/tiddlywiki_ynh · GitHub
I don’t if it’s helping your issue as I haven’t tested it…

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I’m going to take a look at that and will post here the result ! Thank you very much :green_heart: !

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