Tiddly or wiki.js

basically i wanna collect and sort ideas for later publishing inkl. media like foto. so the question: tiddly or wiki.js or something else?

If you like to tinker and make it really yours it is TiddlyWiki, you can turn it into whatever you want because it is so flexible. Media like foto in TW is better used in external folders

meanwhile i use wiki.js picture handling (resizing), navigation menu and export option are the points. i try tiddly too, but wiki.js won. now that you’re so convincing advertise tiddly, i am unsure.

If you are willing to change the looks - and want to tinker a bit with css - it is possible to do a lot in TW.
And it is easy to reorganize it by tags and so on.

The current yunohost setup of TW is usefull for notetaking and synchonizing between devices… but not optimal for other usecases like multiple users It would be nice to have an implementation to make full use of TW’s capabilities.