This is preobably a dumb question but

I have a spare hard drive that has AV Linux on it that I dont want to blow away. Since it is based on Debian 9 do you think it would be possible to install Yunohost on top of AV Linux at the same time? I only use it to do some recording on the weekends but my daughter has been known to fire up play around when she has friends over after school hanging out.

Would it be possible to have Yunohost running at the same time as AV Linux so I could still have my Funkwhale, Freshrss and email server up 24/7?

I installed it using the vps instructions and so far it is running smoooooth!

So I am running Yunohost on AV Linux 2019 XFCE desktop with 4.16.12-rt5-avl1 kernel.

Give me a week and I will screw it up, lol!

This has opened up a whole new world to me!
Have some Happy Holidays if anybody celebrates them!


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