Thinking about Hubzilla

Just wondering if I am understanding this right.
I can install Hubzilla on my Yunohost with no sign ups allowed so only myself is on my instance.
I can then enable activitypub and interact with Mastodon, pleroma, freindica, diaspora etc.
Plus other instances of Hubzilla. But I just have a local timeline other than my posts.
How would that effect my network traffic? Keeping in mind my server is on a home network.

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How would that effect my network traffic?

It’s hard to say unfortunately. There is probably noone better than yourself that knows your ISP, your connection, your hardware etc. It seems you just lack some tools to do the measuring / reasoning. I therefore propose you the mothership of networking books for getting moving fast

In particular:


Awesome. Thank you! Bookmarked and downloaded!

How did this work out for you? I am relatively new to the Fediverse. After joining a few Mastodon instances I decided to create my own Pleroma instance on a VPS. I am intrigued by the idea of nomadic identity but still want to communicate with my followers and the accounts I follow on Pleroma. How has federation with activity pub type instances worked for you?