The language barrier

? how does the tag look like ?
If i deleted the template I’m toast ?

The direct messages are unusable (instead for discourse admin) due to the use of this plugin. We have reported the issue. For the moment we have not worked on fix it our-self.

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FYI: now, on the beta documentation, if you are in the english documentation, forum link redirect to the forum with english topic only.

Same for french.
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Would love to see this as a YNH package too and if it helps with this forum, we’d like to use our server to deal with the translations. We have a powerful server. Would be a great idea to have a translation option on this forum as I too am super lost at times with so much French around, as perhaps French people are with the English content. And the rest…

Me too. I selected a language in the dropdown menu, but still I get the pop up asking me to select a topic language. So I cannot post anything. How do I do this?

#Edit: The above happened when I only selected English UK from the dropdown. After that I added Englisch (US) and Francais from the dropdown and then I could post. This behaviour is super weird to me. My expectation is that I can select a language in which I have written my support post.

This expectation might be shared by many posters. But we just cannot hear from them, because they are unable to post anything on the support forum because of this issue :upside_down_face:

Is seems to be a substantial usability issue on the forum. What do you think the problem is and how it can be solved @ljf ?

Hi everyone,
Maybe I am slightly off-topic but I am very happy to help with English<>French translations. I find the automatic ones to be often inaccurate and even confusing at times.
Maybe there could be a tag “needs translation” when posting, so that those willing to help can identify the posts and add the missing language…