THE Backup roadmap

Here are some documents about the future improvement in backup feature

Potential future api :
Description of the actual process [in french] :
Description of future feature [in french] :

Roadmap suggestion

RELEASE 1 -> 2.6 : Preparation for future backup methods

With this release, it should be possible to link manually a yunohost to an external backup tools without needing too many space on the instance


RELEASE 3 : Deduplicated, remoted and filtered backup

This release will allow deduplication and remote backup

RELEASE 4 : Timeschedule and regular automatic backup

RELEASE 5 : An app to host his backup’s friends !

Other release


Looking forward for the release 5. Backing up offsite is one the big missing point comparing to a classic cloud setup.
Backing up at a friend’s place sounds a good idea.


Now that PR #275 has been merged, can we already setup Borg to do the backups?

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