The adventure on odoo / LibreERP, notes i share

join me on the adventure of running this so you can learn with me :slight_smile:

note i will post stuff mostly using debug mode /web?debug=1 also i like bullet points nad i will try to separate stuff using --- so on your screen you will see 1pixel line


  1. selecting “Choose an administrator user for this app” dont really do much because this used it will not be validated when you log in u will get to a white page with your logo here and a lick to database that is disabled


  1. the real admin is an internal account named admin and the password u provided during install is stored on .local/yunohost/admin/#/apps/libreerp/operations "admin_passwd = "

  1. my guess is that the combination of 1 and 2 happens when your default admin account is something other that admin, i always changed the admin account, i need to test to see if having ynh admin fixes this


  1. any other ynh user login into libreerp gets
# Bad Request

Record does not exist or has been deleted.
(Record: res.users(28,), User: 28)

u need to get in the settings->users, then remove the filter to see something like

internal user will allow you to set more permissions, i bet portal and public users depends on other modules and on stuff like permissions

:thinking: :thinking: settings/config/hierarchy hell?

  1. users created via libreerp UI will be confirmed and on libreerp only and have portal user type, imo disabling Free sign up is a good idea

here the tooltip

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i wonder if is easy to update directly from git

here the files used to install

/var/www/libreerp/libreerp# ls -1a

so in this folder i can

git clone --depth 1 --branch 16 to get latest files

after that when need to upgrade just

git fetch origin 16.0
git reset --hard origin/16.0
systemctl restart libreerp

same goes GitHub - OCA/OCB at 16.0

i am missing something?

here some hints for Spanish payroll, depending on what version u got installed this can change also have a second install to test things to change the config to have a second database for testing

Nombre Codigo Category Calculo
Basic Salary BASIC Basic Código Python result = contract.wage
Gross GROSS Gross Código Python result = result = categories.BASIC + categories.ALW
Net Salary NET Net Código Python result = categories.BASIC+categories.INDEM - categories.DED
Salario base 1 Basic Código Python result = (contract.wage/30) * worked_days.DIAS.number_of_days
Plus convenio CONVENIO Basic Código Python result=inputs.CONVENIO.amount * worked_days.DIAS.number_of_days
Paga proporcional verano navidad PAGA Basic Código Python result=inputs.PAGA.amount
Dieta DIETA Dietas Código Python result=inputs.DIETA.amount
Cotizacion cont. comu 995 Deduction Porcentaje (%)/categories.BASIC/1./4.7
Cotizacion Formacion 996 Deduction Porcentaje (%)/categories.BASIC/1.0/0.1
Cotizacion Desempleo fijo 997 Deduction Porcentaje (%)/categories.BASIC/1.0/1.6
Tributacion IRPF 11 IRPF11 Deduction Porcentaje (%)/BIRPF/1.0/11.0
Tributacion IRPF 2% IRPF2 Deduction Porcentaje (%)/BIRPF/1.0/2.0
Remuneración total REMTOTAL Gross Porcentaje (%)/categories.BASIC/1.0/100.0
Base Seguridad Social BASESS Seguridad Social Código Python mas abajo
Contingencias comunes 101 Company Contribution Porcentaje (%)/BASESS/1.0/23.6
AT y EP 102 Company Contribution Porcentaje (%)/BASESS/1.0/6.7
Desempleo fijo 103 Company Contribution Porcentaje (%)/BASESS/1.0/5.5
Formación Profesional 104 Company Contribution Porcentaje (%)/BASESS/1.0/0.6
Fondo Garantía Salarial 105 Company Contribution Porcentaje (%)/BASESS/1.0/0.2
Coste para empresa COSTT Coste total empresa Porcentaje (%)/categories.TCOST/1.0/100.0\
Cotizacion Desempleo Temporal 997 Deduction Porcentaje (%)/categories.BASIC/1.0/1.6
Desempleo temporal 103 Company Contribution Porcentaje (%)/BASESS/1.0/6.7
Parte proporcional vacaciones FPPV Basic Código Python result=inputs.FPPV.amount
Indemnización FI Indemnizacion Código Python result=inputs.FI.amount
Base I.R.P.F. BIRPF I.R.P.F. Porcentaje (%)/categories.BASIC+categories.INDEM/1.0/100.0
result = 0
   for line in payslip.worked_days_line_ids:
     result += line.number_of_days
   if result >= 28:
    result = 30
  result = ( REMTOTAL /worked_days.DIAS.number_of_days) * result