Thank you, to everyone who worked on this project <3

Hi everyone !

I just wanted to thank everyone taking part in this awesome project. YunoHost was my first step into self-hosting, and still is my main platform. As someone with curiosity, willing to take a little bit of time, but almost zero prior knowledge, YunoHost is just the best tool I could wish for.

I think the re-decentralization of the internet and self-hosting are really important goals, and YunoHost is to my knowledge the most powerful project to achieve real progress. After a few years of tweaking my setup and getting confidence, I am now administrating a self-hosted machine, easy to maintain and reliable enough for me to offer hosting to some friends. I am also so happy to be able to recommend a real, achievable solution to people when I talk about self-hosting.

So I will never thank enough the all the people who ever contributed to make this project possible. To the devs working on Yunohost itself, to the maintainer of so many great apps, to the translations teams, to artists and designers, to the community that promote and support those project, to everyone I forget, and to the free software community in general : thank you so much :heart: :heart: :heart:

Long live YunoHost !

PP44, a user that made his dream real thanks to you !