Taking over maintenance of an application

Funkwhale’s Yunohost maintainer has expressed a desire to step down from maintaining the application. I’ve got in touch with them and offered to take over (I work with the Funkwhale project and am keen to keep Yunohost around as an option as we have quite a few users who really like the platform). I was wondering if it would be possible to get write access to the repository so I can take it off the current maintainer’s hands? Who would I need to get in contact with?


Hi there !

Thank you for your interest ! You’re much welcome to work on the app. You can ask any people of the team and we can grant you accesses. I believe it’s best though if you make a first PR (so that at least we don’t just grant access just because somebody ask for it ? xD)

Anyway, you can contact us on the app packaging chatroom (using irc, xmpp or matrix) where you can also ask all the questions you like about packaging tricks, practices, tools etc

Thanks for the response! I actually have a pull request open currently to update the application, although I’m not sure it will be merged as the current maintainer has already stepped down. I have contacted Jibec through Mastodon to confirm he’s happy for me to take over.

I’ll join you in the IRC room :slight_smile:

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Hello, this is great news, thanks for taking charge of this.

I’m very interested in running Funkywhale on my LIME2 ARM board, unfortunately at this time it isn’t possible: https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/funkwhale_ynh/issues/89#issuecomment-557563901

I wonder if this is something that can be worked on, or if it will require Yunohost to migrate to Buster.

In the meanwhile I run Airsonic, but its web UI is outdated and unfit for small screens (my phone runs on Ubuntu Touch so this is an issue for me).

Anyway, I’ll follow your progress. :slight_smile:

It looks like the error here was the following:

ERROR: Package 'channels-redis' requires a different Python: 3.5.3 not in '>=3.6'

This was fixed upstream here so it should be included in the latest release.

I’m going to be pushing this out sometime this evening once I’ve concluded my testing.


Awesome! I just saw that you pushed it to the master branch. You made my day :smiley:

I will try it in the next few days and report how it goes.


Please be careful when doing so. In my testing it’s caused some issues when updating from the front-end. Keep an eye on Issue 106 for details.

Thanks, in any case I need to set up my own tld first.

Hello @sporiff,

After using my server for a week, I quickly came to the conclusion that a LIME2 board is much too weak to run the apps I wanted to use such as Nextcloud (and probably funkwhale). So last weekend I upgraded my server to a regular amd64 PC but in a tiny form factor. I’m sorry, I won’t be able to test your package on arm64.

BTW, the latest Yunohost 3.8.x has new categories in the Applications menu, I noticed two things:

  • Funkwhale is not included in the Multimedia category (edit: just noticed it actually sorted in Social Media. I wonder if an app can be in more than one catefory?)
  • It is labelled as unmaintained; have you abandoned maintenance? :frowning:

Anyway, thanks for updating the package! I plan to install it soon.

Hi @NormC

Yeah, Funkwhale is possibly a bit heavy (I think we’ve seen some people run it successfully on Rpi3, but small boards can often struggle). I’ve had confirmation that the update works on ARM now, though. So that’s good!

It is still maintained, I have just been off for a week (I’ll be back to doing things on Monday). I need to do some updates to the app manifest to complete the handover and I’ll need to take a look at the categories. It’s possible I just need to tweak that in a file.

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Hi @sporiff

I’m relieved :smiley:

It’s just that soon after you took over the package maintenance and updated it to 0.21, Yunohost’s app catalog listed you as maintainer. 9 days later when I went back it was showing unmaintained. I was fearing something might have happened. I’m glad you’re sticking with it, thanks for the work you’ve already done!

As for categories, I’ve browsed through the list, and I’m guessing it is not currently possible for an app to be listed in more than one category, because I have seen none that do, but I may be mistaken.

I’ve installed funkwhale without trouble yesterday, I haven’t added any content yet, but so far the web UI seems pretty snappy! :+1:

Actually, everything feels a lot faster on this PC (i5-4570T 8GB RAM 250GB SSD) than on the LIME2 :stuck_out_tongue:

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