TailoredFlow - request for feedback

Hi everyone,

I’m the creator of https://tailoredflow.today

As a longtime Yunohost user I decided to package it as an app for others who love listening to podcasts without needing Spotify or Apple account.

TailoredFlow is a single-page app that uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and peer-to-peer communication together with decentralized storage to serve as a podcast player and discovery app.

It utilizes WebTorrent and WebRTC in the browser for peer discovery, and IPFS to store top trending podcasts. Your personal feed is stored directly and only in your browser.

You can click and add any podcast from the trending feed or add your favorite podcast via RSS link. Every time you add a podcast via Add RSS URL button - other users will be able to see it in trending feed. It will instantly appear in your personal feed ready to play.

Every user has his own unique #ID that he can copy and privatly share with any other user to send him a particular podcast or the whole feed! The sharing feature is session-based, which means - to directly share a feed or a podcast to someone, you both have to be online at the same time.

Every time you refresh a page a new ID is generated for you, to protect your privacy and avoid tracking.

Trending feed is auto-updated by other peers in real-time.

No login, no database, no server. It’s all a single, newspaper-like page.

Here is an article about it with more info:

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:



The app seems interesting. Do i miss the package or is it not present yet?


Here you can try it with Yunohost button:

App is in working state but some finishing touches will come in next couple of days. Then it will be complete and ready.

FYI your website has an incorrect SSL certificate configuration.

Can you point out something specific?
Some RSS feeds (read podcast images) are using http sources, therefore the warning icon. But cert should be fine.

I get a warning from Firefox when trying to go to this site: https://tailoredflow.today

Thats a bit weird. Here is a normal warning I see when I click on the SSL lock icon due to some images. No other “warnings”.


Can you maybe take a screenshot of the warning so I can take a look?

From my computer at school, on school internet I get this. Says Unknown Issuer.

On my phone, with my own data plan, it works fine.


Definitely your school environment has security settings on high (for a reason if it’s a school) and most likely they do this to all websites that have similar mixed content on the pages.

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Cool cool. Should check my phone next time before bothering you.

Nice app idea though :smiley:

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No worries :slight_smile: and thank you for reporting it.
Didn’t cross my mind it can happen with some network environments… the more you know…

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@Omodaka9375, I have opened a PR to fix some URLs in the README. :wink:

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